Announcement & Foyer Table Request

  1. Slide requests 14 Business Days prior to the requested publication date. Video requests 60 days prior to requested publication date
  2. All announcements requests must be approved and appropriate ministry request forms submitted to the office before an announcement is accepted.
  3. Turn in the form to the office, fax to (816) 761-6865, or email to

Announcement Submission Guidelines

  1. Write a promotional paragraph (4-5 lines) explaining the event and why people should attend or participate. This information will be used to create a slide for display on the sanctuary screens. You may submit a pre-designed slide in jpg. format via email (subject to approval).
  2. It is at the discretion of the AV Director to ���Highlight” a Slide. Highlighting is a “voice -over” of the slide content. Highlighting is used to reach critical pre-determined outcomes of a ministry event.
  3. Video clips may be filmed in-house or submitted professionally pre-recorded, to promote major ministry events. Requests for a video announcement must be submitted to the AV Director in writing, and attached to this form 60 days prior to the requested publication date.


Table Request Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: This form expires monthly. Submit a new form for additional dates. Requests are made on a first come, first served basis.